ICSST Security

ICSST Security Courses

There are many levels of courses available for security, please take a look at the list of courses offered. 

1. Basic Security
2. Advanced Security
3. Opening tactic and techniques
4. Communication and Electronics Handling
5.Intelligence Ops
6.Security Management
7.Security Surveillance
8.Covert Intelligence
9.Covert Intelligence Control
10.Surveillance and counter- Surveillance
11.Introduction to Case File Management
12. Major Crime Management
13.Criminal Investigation
14. Wilderness Medicine
15.First Aid
16.First Responder
17.Law Enforcement
18.Train the Trainers
19. Crisis management
20. AIBC
21.Computers Management
22.Industrial Security Course
23.Building security
24. Searching course
25.Access & Control
26.Information Security
27.Health and Safety
28.Modern Learning Methods
29.Hand To Hand Combat
30.Physical Training
31.Shooting Course
32.Sniper Course
33.Advanced Sniper Course
34.On/Off Road Driving
35.Aircraft Counter Terrorism
36.Opening Techniques
37.Bugging/Debugging Course

39. Explosive Ordnance Disposal
40. Improvised Explosive Device Disposal
41. ARFF
42. Disabled Aircraft Recovery Training Services
43. Dogs For Special Operations
44.Anti-Riot And Crowd- Control
45. Emergency Response And Support Team
46. VIP Protection Units
47. Anti- Terrorist Units
48. Intelligence Operatives Course
49. Intelligence Management Course
50. Surveillance Course
51. Covert Human Intelligence Handler’s Course
52. Covert Human Intelligence Controller’s Course
53. Covert Human Intelligence Authorizing Officer’s Course
54.Urban Operation
55.Intelligence Operations
56.Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
57.Basic Demolitions
58.Mine Warfare
59.Combat Demolitions
60.High Risk VIP Protection
61.Helicopter Dispatchers
62.Small Teams OPERATIONS
63.Special Forces Operators
64. Major Crime Management
65.Interviewing Techniques
68. Wilderness Medicine
69. Less Lethal Munitions
70.Tactical Emergency Medicine
71.Close Quarters Combat: Edged Weapons Survival
72.Royal Yachts Protection
73.Royal aircraft Protection
74.Royal places Protection