About Us

ICSST provides a professional consultation, procurement and training service to the Oil & Gas Industry, Construction Industry, Aviation Industry, Maritime Industry, educational Sector, Commercial Sector, Security Sector, Government Sector, and Military Forces.

Who we are?

International Company for Security Services and Training offers Professional Training Services, Skilled Consultancy and Advisory Services, Logistical Services and equipment procurement services to all the named industries. In 2013 ICSST entered the education sector providing educational support and assistance in The State of Qatar and further afield opening up International locations in Australia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, The United Kingdom and The United States of America. With over 400 Students located Internationally, ICSST monitors and ensures the right study path of all our students, providing a round the clock service in each location and direct advise on the future learning programs of our sponsored students. Courses range from Language Learning, through to College Foundation courses onto Bachelor, Master and PHD Higher Education.


International Company for Security Services and Training takes pride in delivering the highest standards of equality to its clients and customers. Since 2003 ICSST has expanded based on the success of our training programs and the dedication of our employees in moving forward with industry demands and requirements by offering professional services of the highest standard. Our team of professionals continuous look at the development of the company and its clients/customers. We have
Strategic Alliances and Accreditation from internationally renowned organizations such as:
• OPITO, IFSAC, Pro-Board, PADI,
• Emergency First Response (EFR), First Aid International
• ISO-9001-2008, ISO-1400-2004, ISO-15001-1999
• OSHAS-18001-2007, HACCP Registered Firm

Training Courses

We have a variety of training courses that will meet the requirements of your job.

ICSST Courses

There many courses in this area, Mainly related to fist aid like basic first aid, Advanced first aid etc..

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OPITO Courses

OPITO is the industry’s focal point for skills, training and workforce development. Visit course page for more

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IFSAC Courses

IFSAC is a peer driven, self governing system that accredits both public fire service certification programs

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Pro-Board Courses

There many courses under this category like Rope Rescue Level I & II Certification, Confined Space Rescue

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ICSST Higher Education

ICSST has expanded with office to International Locations for the purpose of Higher Education to Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degree Levels.

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ICSST Security

Basic Security, Advanced Security, Opening tactic and techniques, Communication and Electronics Handling, Intelligence Ops, Security Management..

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ICSST Military

General English, Academic English, English with Information Technology Skills, ICAO Aviation English Level 1, ICAO Aviation English Level 2, ICAO Aviation English Level 3,..

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ICSST Police Courses

General English, Academic English, English with Information Technology Skills, ICAO Aviation English Level 1, ICAO Aviation English Level 2, ICAO Aviation English Level 3,..

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ICSST Management Courses

Executive Secretarial, Administrative &Management, State of Qatar Presentation, Security Management,..

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ICSST Aviation

Passengers Fares &Ticketing, Advanced Passenger Fares &Tickets, Passenger Interline Accounting &Control, Dangerous Goods by Air,..

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Information & document Security, Devices Control & Communication, Electronics operators, Advanced Networks, General Wireless ..

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ICSST – Medical

Basic First Aid, First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work, Pediatric First Aid, Advanced First Aid, First Aid Health & Safety..

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International Company for Security Services and Training has recently partnered the largest Safety Training Service Provider Internationally in RelyOn Nutec. This dynamic partnership has introduced further accreditation and courses available to industry and, a newly designed purpose built fire-training facility.

Trophies & Awards

ICSST through the years has built a name of prestige internationally through course modules conducted worldwide and have received number of prestigious awards


This is a description for the Team section.

Jonathan Lord

Jonathan Lord

Operations & Training Manager

20-Years of Experience in The Oil & Gas Industry, Maritime Industry, Aviation Industry, Security Industry, Government Sector (Consultation & Training) &Military Forces (Advisory). Earned Masters Degree in MSc Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management

Teresita Pascual

Teresita Pascual

Quality and Accreditation Manager

Tess Pascual comes with 30-Years of Administration experience in the Banking Sector, Health Care Sector, Fire Training and Safety Training

Kristine Rosales

Kristine Rosales

Training Coordinator & Secretary

Training Coordinator & Secretary

Our Market

ICSST now provides a very specialized consultation service, training service, and procurement services to:

  • The Oil & Gas Industry – The Construction Industry – The Aviation Industry
  • The Maritime Industry – The Education Industry – The Commercial Sector
  • The Security Sector – The Government Sector – The Military Forces
Our consultation services vary from each sector from basic levels of consultation for recommendation purposes through to complete project management and overview. Our training services vary from each sector from basic levels of training through to the very specialised course modules. WE HAVE A VARIETY OF TRAINING COURSES THAT WILL MEET THE REQUIRMENTS OF YOUR JOB. To date we are proud to have trained more than 200,000 delegates/trainees

Contact Us

International Company for Security Services and Training
Building No. 1059
Street No 363, Zone No 55,
Po Box 24330 Al-Sailiya,
Doha, Qatar 24330
Emails: info@icsst.qa, info.icsst@gmail.com

Call +974 4490 2070
Fax +974 4462 6458

Global Presence

01 USA Office
Managed by Mr. Shaheen Yousufzai. (shaheen4napt.inc@gmail.com)
02 Portugal/ 03 Spain /04 Italy Offices
Managed by Mrs. Mercedes Fonte. (naptspainstudents@gmail.com)
05 Germany Office
Managed by Mr. Mr. Maik Martin. (iseco-security@web.de)
06 UK Office
Managed by Ms Sarah Read. (naptgroups@gmail.com)
07 UAE / 08 Bahrain Offices
Managed by ICSST’s team in Qatar. (info@icsst.qa)
09 ICSST HQ in Qatar
Managed by ICSST’s team in Qatar. (info@icsst.qa)
10 Kuwait Office
Managed by ICSST’s team in Qatar. (info@icsst.qa)
11 China / 12 Korea / 13 Japan Offices
Managed by Ms. Anita Kim. (anitakim1119@daum.net)
14 Australia Office
Managed by Mr. Paul Weir. (paulweir56@yahoo.com.au)