About Us

About International Company for Services & Training

ICSST VISION is to become the center of excellence for safety and security training throughout the GCC countries and the Middle East, as well as to be a credited college.

ICSST MISSION is to provide the industry in the State of Qatar, the GCC Countries, and the world with the most effective, realistic and “state of the art” training available, thereby enhancing safety awareness in the workplace and making a positive contribution to the lives of our training participants and customers. We take great pride in our accomplishments and we envision building upon our training courses and consultancy services and our excellence in teaching, research, and service.

International Company for Security Services and Training provides a professional consultation, procurement and training service to the Oil & Gas Industry, Construction Industry, Aviation Industry, Maritime Industry, educational Sector, Commercial Sector, Security Sector, Government Sector, and Military Forces.
International Company for Security Services and Training now operates a fire specific department providing consultation services, preventative maintenance services and specialized accredited training services.

ICSST offers Professional Training Services, Skilled Consultancy and Advisory Services, Logistical Services and equipment procurement services to all the named industries. In 2013 ICSST entered the education sector providing educational support and assistance in The State of Qatar and further afield opening up International locations in Australia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, The United Kingdom and The United States of America. With over 400 Students located Internationally, ICSST monitors and ensures the right study path of all our students, providing a round the clock service in each location and direct advise on the future learning programs of our sponsored students. Courses range from Language Learning, through to College Foundation courses onto Bachelor, Master and PHD Higher Education.


International Company for Security Services and Training takes pride in delivering the highest standards of equality to its clients and customers. Since 2003 ICSST has expanded based on the success of our training programs and the dedication of our employees in moving forward with industry demands and requirements by offering professional services of the highest standard. Our team of professionals continuous look at the development of the company and its clients/customers.

Strategic Alliances and Accreditations

ICSST credibility has been further enhanced by forming strategic alliances with internationally renowned organizations. The ever changing and demanding business environment of Security and Safety in which the organization operates requires that ICSST consistently sources and creates exclusive alliances with the best training providers around the world, leaders in their field, and which allows ICSST to offer greater tailoring of content, flexibility and cost efficiency.
Since 2003 and through its strategic alliances, International Company for Security Services and Training conducts training in the State of Qatar and overseas – bringing best practices to corporate and government clients.
ICSST has an impressive track record of delivering high quality training programmes, from the most basic training services to the most bespoke specialized training modules which are highly participatory, interactive an deliver real results on the ground.
So far ICSST worldwide network of alliances includes France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States of America, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa, Egypt, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and more countries.
International Company for Security Services and Training is continuously keeping up with industry and market demands by seeking and gaining approval from International Accreditation Bodies. Currently

All of the courses comply with the strictest quality controls to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.
International Company for Security Services and Training has become the first training provider in The State of Qatar to complete the accreditation process of eight professional course programs accredited by The International Fire Services Accreditation Congress (IFSAC). These accredited fire course programs provide The State of Qatar Employers with a professional certificate recognized on an International level